Dairy-free recipes are a must-have for any dinner party, but they’re not for everyone.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best ones.


Bocce Ball (Bocce ball is made from a mix of raw cashews, chickpeas, almonds and raisins.)


Chicken Noodle Soup (Bacalao is a classic Korean dish, and it’s also made from cashews.)


Black Bean Salad (The chickpea salad has just the right amount of meat and vegetables, while the cashew salad has lots of protein and vitamin-rich veggies.)


Cucumber Rice Bowl (Serves 2.)


Baked Kale and Peas Soup (You could use any type of rice, but a mix made from chickpeacakes, chick peas, carrots and cabbage seeds works well.)


Cashew & Coconut Salad (You might not need a whole bowl of veggies, but you’ll love the texture and texture of cashews.

If you prefer cashews for their fat-rich texture, try this.)


Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting (Try making this with coconut milk instead of cream cheese.)


Spicy Garlic Rice Cake (This is the ultimate vegan breakfast, but the combination of garlic, cashews and coconut is just perfect.)


Roasted Tomatoes & Carrots Salad (Roasted tomatoes and carrots are perfect for the fall or winter season, but this is a great recipe for the holidays!)