Lucerne Dairy is working to deliver its milk supply to its customers across Europe, the US and Canada, with the goal of achieving a minimum supply of 1 million litres by 2020.

The dairy group is investing $500m in new capacity to supply milk to the EU, US and Canadian markets, and is working with its suppliers to deliver the highest quality milk at prices that consumers can afford.

But the group’s dairy products are not being delivered to customers in a timely manner.

Lucerne has been working with suppliers and milk producers to improve its supply chain, with some of its milk now being delivered in the UK and the US within weeks of purchase.

This week, it announced that it had reached a $1m settlement with U.S. meat processor and food manufacturer Tyson Foods, for which the company has more than a billion pounds worth of sales.

The settlement is expected to help Lucernes dairy business to move closer to achieving its 2020 target of reaching 1 million lucerne cows by 2020, but some of the milk in its milk production units will not be delivered by 2020 at the current rate.

The deal will help Lucernes dairy products reach the goal it has been aiming for for years.

But it comes with some challenges, according to Andrew Balfour, the company’s chief operating officer.

Balfour said that the dairy industry in the US is a challenging one.

It is a lot of the time, it is not easy for us to achieve that target, and there are a lot more challenges to come,” he said.”

The dairy industry here in the United States is very good, but it is also very competitive.

“It is not something that is easy to do, and we are working hard at the moment to make sure that we are getting the milk that we need to deliver to customers.”

Lucernes has also announced it is planning to double its production capacity in the U.K. from 1 million to 2 million cows by 2021.