The best part of this year’s Christmas is watching the festive spirit spread through the world of food, and the food we eat is one of the best indicators of our health.

With all of our foods having been genetically modified to contain antibiotics, we can expect that many of our favorite foods are now more processed, and even some of the food items we have been eating for decades, like burgers, bacon, and turkey, are becoming increasingly unhealthy.

And while the food industry has been doing its best to convince us that these are good things for us, a recent study found that while most people who have never eaten meat or cheese before are better off with healthier food, a small number of us are actually doing better.

A study by researchers at Cornell University found that eating more dairy products (especially milk and cheese) and less meat was linked to lower risk of death, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, while eating meat or eating eggs was linked with higher risk.

That said, the data from the study is still preliminary, so it’s impossible to know how much of that connection is causal.

And that’s not to say that these foods are bad for you.

They’re definitely good for your health.

But if you are looking for a healthier option than what you’re eating, it’s important to remember that there are actually many healthier options available.

This list of the healthiest foods we can eat now and the foods that are on the way is a work in progress, so we encourage you to check back with us as we continue to update it as more studies are published.

In the meantime, here are some of our top tips for keeping your food healthy: