A study published in the journal Clinical Immunology in December found that dairy products can potentially trigger an allergic reaction in people with allergies.

The study was conducted by the U.K. National Health Service and involved a total of 691 patients with anaphylaxis and more than 3,000 healthy controls.

The subjects were asked to drink three litres of milk daily.

In the first three weeks of the study, all of the subjects experienced mild to moderate allergic reactions ranging from wheezing and sneezing to rash.

The next four weeks of testing, however, revealed a slight increase in symptoms, according to the study.

The researchers concluded that the most common triggers for allergic reactions to dairy were milk, whey and milk products.

The results were based on a combination of blood tests, skin prick tests and skin prick testing for milk products and milk-based allergens.

The findings are not new news, as the U