FDA’s dairy products labeling regulations have been in place for almost a decade, and they have not been enforced to date, according to the agency. 

While the agency has been investigating the possibility of the products being sold as “Dairy products for Pops,” the agency’s own research has found that this is not the case, according the agency, which also said that while dairy products are considered “generally safe” by FDA, the agency should not classify them as dairy products because of their “generality.” 

The agency also noted that the products may contain more than the labels indicated.

“As a general rule, FDA does not consider the presence of milk and/or dairy products to be a risk factor for foodborne illness,” the FDA said.

“But, based on the evidence available to FDA, this could be a situation where the FDA could use its regulatory authority to regulate a product that may not be a health concern to be sold in a grocery store.”

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