I can’t stress this enough, avoid the most toxic foods when it comes to your diet.

A lot of times, I don’t even need to use the word toxic, I can just call them toxic.

A toxic food is a food that you can get sick from or that will cause you to have an illness, like poisoning.

It’s usually a dairy, egg, or other dairy product.

This is especially true if you’re allergic to one of the things you’re eating.

I’ve seen cases of dairy poisoning where people have been hospitalized, and even worse cases where people died.

If you’re going to eat dairy products that are toxic to you, be careful.

A little taste of chocolate can be a great thing to avoid.

Chocolate is a dairy-free product, so it can be very safe to eat, and it can also be safe to avoid eating if you have any health issues.

But, if you are going to be eating chocolate in the future, then be careful about your dairy intake, as the chemicals in chocolate can cause health problems.

If I were to put together a list of foods I can safely avoid when it is time to go dairy free, I would add these foods to the list: ✓ Eggs ✔ Dried fruit, fruit juice, and nuts like dates, peaches, and apricots ✕ Vegetables ✙ Canned or canned vegetables ✗ Dairy products like butter, cream, cheese, and yogurt (if you’re on a low-fat diet) ✚ Soy products like tofu, tempeh, and miso ✘ Meat, poultry, and fish products like bacon, chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood (if on a diet low in fat and cholesterol) For more information on avoiding the toxic foods, please read my post about Dairy-Free Food Safety.