A new product called “natural prairies milk products” has caught the eye of crypto enthusiasts.

The product is an ultra-premium blend of dairy-friendly ingredients and claims to be dairy free, even though it’s actually derived from cow milk.

“I think it’s amazing,” said Andrew Coker, CEO of the startup Pure Prairie Dairy.

“It really is something that’s going to make a difference.”

Coker is not alone in his belief that the dairy product has potential.

“A lot of people are starting to see this as a real opportunity to use a lot of the best ingredients to create really healthy products,” he said.

“The idea of dairy free products has been around for a long time, but this is the first one that really really caught on.”

Cokers said he plans to continue to push Pure Prairie products and to find more consumers who want to adopt them.

“We’re really looking to bring dairy-based products into the mainstream,” he explained.

“I think we’re really just scratching the surface of what’s possible.”

Dairy free milk products are a trend in the dairy industry and have been popping up in grocery stores for a while now.

However, it’s the dairy-specific dairy products that are the real stars of the show.

Coker said he is confident the milk-based dairy products are “the future” of dairy.

“The more products people are looking at dairy, the more they’ll start to understand that there’s a huge amount of benefit from dairy,” he noted.

“And if we can get people to think about it more in a more rational way, that’s really what’s going.

We’re just getting started.”

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