A dairy farmer has a new idea for how to get his milk from his cow to his dairy cows.

The idea has been circulating in the US and elsewhere and is known as ‘milk from the cow’.

The farmer is in the process of getting a cow and a herd of cows and is trying to breed them.

“I am very happy with the result.

I have had this milk for 10 years, and the milk is good.

It has not been a problem for the cows to get sick.

But I had to get a new cow because of the cow flu.

My milk will be better because the cow has been vaccinated,” said the farmer, who has been working on this milk farm in India’s Maharashtra state for the past few years.

The farmer’s milk is being sold in the market in the state.

The farmer, however, is not the only one in the industry who is getting excited about the milk coming from a cows.

People in India are using the milk as a source of food and medicine.

In India, the country’s third largest producer of dairy products, milk is considered a precious commodity.

A cow’s milk can fetch between $3 and $5 a litre.

In the US, the US Food and Drug Administration has recently allowed the sale of a strain of cow’s formula that is a genetically modified version of the milk from cows.

So far, the FDA has not approved a cow’s cow formula.

In the US the FDA said it will not approve the cow’s human milk.

India is home to about 60 million cows and about a billion litres of milk.

Milk is a major source of protein in India.