Smith Dairy Products is a dairy company that makes a variety of products that are used in the production of dairy products.

But the company has become known for their beef jerks, a type of jerky that is made with ground beef.

This week, the company will start selling its jerky in the U.S.

A new line of beef jerk made by Smith Dairy will debut this summer.

The company will begin selling its beef jerK in the United States, and it will also sell it in Mexico, Canada, and the U: The brand, which is based in South Australia, is the first American brand to be made by a Canadian company.

Smith Dairy products is based at the Cowra dairy farm in South Adelaide, a rural community in South Australian.

It is one of a handful of dairy farms in South and Central Australia.

In 2015, Smith Dairy was awarded the first-ever Dairy Product Marketing Development Award by the Australian National Dairy Council.

It received $50,000 from the council to fund the project, and in the coming years, Smith has also been awarded $25,000 for research and development.

It has been making the beef jerkin since 2006.

It has been sold at the Smith Dairy retail store in South Melbourne and other locations.

Smith Dairy has been working with local and regional suppliers since then.