A new survey by food service and hospitality giant Sysco revealed that the number of Australians ordering meat has risen by 14.5 per cent over the last 12 months.

Sysco’s findings show that more Australians are ordering more meat, while a quarter are ordering less.

And they’re getting more bang for their buck.

Sydney-based restaurant chain The Wines said it was experiencing an “increase in demand” for its steak house.

“There has been an increase in demand for the steak house and more and more Australians have been ordering the steak at The Wine over the past few weeks,” a spokesman for The Winais said.

“The restaurant has been doing well and customers are looking forward to seeing the restaurant again next week.”

The survey of 5,500 people found the majority of Australians (65 per cent) were ordering more steak than usual.

But a fifth of those ordering less meat (25 per cent), compared with 7 per cent ordering more than usual, while two-thirds ordered less than usual (36 per cent).

While a third of Australians are eating vegetarian food, the survey found the proportion of Australians who are eating vegan has fallen from 24 per cent in April to 16 per cent last week.

The number of people ordering more food than usual has also increased.

Just under a quarter of Australians ordered more than their usual intake (24 per cent of those who were ordering meat and a further 12 per cent who were ordered vegetarian), while 13 per cent ordered less food (12 per cent vegetarian and 9 per cent meat).

About 20 per cent were ordering less than their average intake (8 per cent vegan) while 18 per cent had a lower-than-average intake (4 per cent protein and 1 per cent fat).

The survey found Australians who were eating a lot of fruit and vegetables were eating at a slightly lower rate than usual in April.

The survey also found Australians eating less protein was rising slightly from 12 per 100 people in April 2016 to 15 per 100 in April 2017.

But that trend was still lower than it had been in previous years, with just 10 per cent eating more than average in April and 16 per 100 eating less than average.

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