I-Team Editor-in-Chief and food writer Sam Pizzorno has compiled a list highlighting some of the most delicious burger joints in NYC.

They include the iconic Pizzo’s (the burger joint is now owned by Pizza Hut) and the infamous Pizza Hut at the Park, and he also named some of his favorite spots, including Pizza Hut on East 44th Street and The Yard on East 46th Street.

Check out Pizzon’s list of his top 10 favorite burgers in New York below.

Read more of our best burger spots article Pizzorino’s Pizzoni’s is one of New York City’s most beloved burger joints.

This spot has been around for over a century, and it still gets the crowds and crowds of New Yorkers.

Its a classic burger joint with a classic menu that features cheesesteaks, burgers, and other classic comfort foods.

Its always a crowd pleaser.

Its got an impressive beer list, too, with a variety of craft beers on tap.

And of course, the burger menu has something for everyone.

Its worth the drive, especially since its so big.

If you like to go casual and want a more traditional burger, Pizzos burgers are the spot for you.

Read more of Pizzones best burgers article Pizza Hut is located in Chelsea, a historic neighborhood in Manhattan.

The restaurant has been known to make its way to Broadway in Times Square.

And if you love the food, you may even want to give it a try.

Pizza Hut’s menu is so varied that it is easy to try something new every time you go.

This is where Pizzano’s and Pizza Hut are really at home.

Pizzas burgers are always the big draw, and they serve the best sandwiches in the city.

They have some of our favorite sandwiches, including the Cheese Bolognese, Chicken Burrito, and the Pizzolita.

Pizza Hut is also known for its burgers, which are pretty good, too.

They are usually served with fries and a side of fries.

If the food is on point, you might want to grab a seat and get a taste of the famous pizzas.

The best burgers are made here.

You can get a burger or two and try one of the other famous pizza spots, but for the rest of us, we just go for the original.

Read full list of best burger joints, by Sam Pitzero, in New Yorkers top burger spot list