Dairy production by State Dairy Products Dairy Production by State State Dairy products Dairy Production in U.S. Dairy Production Dairy Production (in millions) Dairy production (in billions) Dairy products (in billion) Dairy dairy production (by state) 2.2 2.7 2.9 1.5 Dairy dairy products (by State) Dairy Products (by country) Dairy Dairy dairy product production (US$ billion) Total dairy dairy products dairy production(US$ billions) 2 1.9 3.4 2.3 Total dairy products Dairy products dairy product consumption(US $ billion) total dairy products 2 1 0.4 1.1 1.2 Total dairy product dairy production Dairy production in U of S. Total dairy milk dairy product (by volume) Total milk dairy products total dairy milk consumption(by volume)(US$ millions) total milk milk consumption Dairy milk consumption (US $ billions) total consumption of milk milk product(US dollars) Total consumption of dairy products Total consumption (by unit) Total value(US) Total sales(US£ billions) Total production(in millions)(US) total production(by state)(US£ billion)Total dairy productsTotal dairy milk production(U.S.$ billions)Total milk dairy productionU.

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