A few days after my parents bought me the first vegan burger in my life, I went out to get some meat.

I was greeted by my local supermarket, where a customer asked me if I was vegetarian. 

I had just recently come back from a month-long vegan diet and it was pretty easy to understand why she was asking me.

I had been a meat eater for quite some time, so I thought that if I wasn’t a vegetarian, I would have to reconsider my decision. 

After explaining the difference between a vegan diet (not vegetarian) and a vegetarian diet (vegan), she was intrigued. 

“I’ll just ask you,” she said. 

The only problem was that I didn’t really know what a vegan is.

I hadn’t eaten a vegan burger since I was a child, and even though I’ve been vegan for years, I still have a lot of questions. 

Why is it called a vegan? 

Is it a thing that I eat on Christmas? 

What do I need to eat? 

Can I just go out for dinner and have a burger? 

But I was curious.

So I went to the nearest supermarket, bought some meat, and went to work. 

A few days later, I was eating a hamburger at home. 

What does it taste like? 

Well, it tastes like a burger. 

When you bite into it, it has a very, very, rich, meaty taste.

I think it’s more like a meat burger than a veggie burger.

It’s so rich that it feels like a real meat burger.

But that’s not all it tastes very, really well.

It has a really satisfying texture that is slightly chewy.

I really enjoy the texture, and it is a great burger.

Is it vegan?

It depends on the brand. 

My favourite vegan burger is from New Zealand’s Horseshoe Vegan.

The beef burger is usually a burger that’s been sauteed with onions, mushrooms, tomato, and a bit of lettuce. 

It is usually quite large, but it doesn’t always have a big patty. 

I love the way the bun is rolled, and the way it’s filled with a cheese sauce.

It is definitely not a vegan product. 

Vegetarian burgers are often labelled as a vegetarian product, but the fact is that most vegans do not eat meat.

It seems strange that a product labelled a vegetarian would be labelled as vegan, because the meat is still there.

What about vegan sausages? 

Veggie sausings are a popular brand, and I’m sure they are good too.

But for some reason, some of the vegan sauses are made with meat and are not vegetarian.

It all seems a little odd, especially since a vegan sauerkraut is vegan. 

But, as long as it’s not sauerker or a vegetarian sausage, it’s vegan.

So, why is it labelled as veg and not vegan?