Perfect Day Dairy Products, or PMD, is a brand of organic dairy products manufactured by PureMilk.

According to the company’s website, the product is made from organic, fair-trade milk and soy milk.

While PMD is made with fair-tasting milk, it is still not vegan.

PMD’s website lists its ingredients as: “Fair-tastured, organic soy milk, organic white soy milk and organic coconut milk.”

However, this is not the case.

The company’s ingredients list states that the milk is made up of “Fair Trade, organic, and organic soy and palm milk.”

It also states that its milk is not certified as being free of animal testing.

PMS’s website states that PMD comes from 100% organic milk and that it does not use animal testing for its products.

PMC, a company that also makes PMD products, also lists its organic milk ingredients on their website.

While it states on their site that the product does not contain any animal products, it does list a disclaimer that reads, “All products are certified as fair-quality organic, with no animal products.”

So while PMD does not state it does use animal products for its dairy products as well, there is a chance that it did.

PMA’s website says it does “not use any animal byproducts in our raw milk.”

The company also lists on their products a disclaimer stating that it “does not use any animals byproducts,” as well.

PMP, a product made by the same company that makes PMS, does not list on its website animal byproduct sourcing, and it does state that the products are “not made from any animal product byproducts.”

In fact, it lists all of its ingredients, including organic soymilk, as “not used in any form.”

This list is actually a bit of a red flag for me.

The truth is, I would not have expected PMD to include a disclaimer on its product that says it is not animal by-products.

When you buy PMD dairy products on the PureMilks website, it states that it is “made using organic soy, fair trade, organic and organic milk.”

This seems to be an omission that PMM is aware of.

But it is also a red herring.

When I contacted PureMilK about this omission, the company responded, “No, that’s not true.

We don’t have a requirement that our products are not animal-based.”

PMM does not seem to have any requirements for sourcing organic soy or organic white milk.

And, while PureMilkB is not vegan, it makes products that are vegan.

The fact that PMC does not make a list of vegan-free products on their websites or that the ingredients list on their own website does not include a requirement to use vegan products, shows that PureMilkb is not a source for PMD.

What About Non-Vegan Products?

In my recent research, I found that PMS does not label PMD as non-vegan on their product labels.

This is not surprising, as PMD also does not indicate a vegan content in their products.

The problem is, when you see a non-Vegetarian Milk label, you can tell that it contains no animal ingredients.

But when you are purchasing PMD from PureMilKB, it shows an animal-free milk label, which can lead to some confusion.

The non-animal-based ingredients on the PMD label are: organic soy protein, organic almond milk, and coconut oil.

While these ingredients are not listed on the labels of PMD or PMC products, they are listed on PureMil KB’s website.

The product also states on its own website that it uses “organic, fair traded, and certified organic soy soy milk” and that its soy milk is “not animal-derived.”

But this is clearly a lie.

On PureMilMB’s website the ingredients listed are “100% organic soy.”

In my research, PureMilM did not list any animal-related ingredients.

The same goes for PMC’s non-animals-based labels.

PMM also does this when you purchase their products on Puremil KB’s site.

On their product page, PMC states, “PureMilks soymilks are made with Fair Trade and organic certified organic milk” but it does add, “The PureMilKS soymilking process does not utilize animal testing, and there is no animal by products in our soy milk.”

When you see the non-Animal-Related Ingredients on the products on PurMilKB’s website and PureMilMilKB itself, it seems clear that they are trying to make it seem like they are vegan by not listing animal-friendly ingredients.

So, does that mean that they have a vegan-friendly label?

Not exactly.

On the PureMKB website, you will find an “Animal-Free” label.

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