A few years ago, the first vegan meal I ever cooked was this one with veggie burgers and a side of creamy tofu scramble.

It’s a perfect dish for a weeknight dinner, but there’s a catch: I had to eat it in a hurry.

The slow cooker version can be made ahead, but I just don’t feel like going through the hassle of making that same dish at home.

To be fair, there are times when slow cooker meals are just not feasible, and for that, I have to credit a new trend in vegan cooking.

The rise of “slow cooker” vegan meals has been heralded as a breakthrough in cooking, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

Slow cooker vegan meals are a step backward in terms of both ingredients and cooking methods.

Slow cookers aren’t designed to cook meat and dairy foods fast enough to avoid fat buildup and a lack of flavor.

But slow cooker veganism is gaining traction as more and more restaurants and chefs start making use of the technology to create vegan meals that are more than just fast food-y.

Here’s a list of all the fast food restaurants and cafes in the U.S. that use vegan slow cooker options, and the cooking methods they employ.

If you want to learn more about slow cooker cooking, check out our guide to cooking vegan food.


McDonald’s: The Fast-Food version of a vegan meal Source: Facebook/McDonald’s “If you want a meal that’s easy to make and that’s quick to serve, then try McDonald’s,” says Wendy Peltz, a vegan cookbook author and founder of the fast-food vegan cookout restaurant The Wendy’s Vegan Food Series.

That’s because McDonald’s fast-casual dining chain offers fast-cooking options for almost everything it serves, from burgers and french fries to sandwiches and tacos.

For starters, the chain offers vegan burgers.

McDonalds’ signature burger is a burger patty topped with a sweet, fluffy lettuce bun and grilled onions.

The bun is made from organic lettuce and tomato.

Toppings include mayo, lettuce and pickles.

For more info, see this guide.

The burgers are made from scratch and are served with fries, and they’re loaded with vegetables, which come in different colors.

“If we could just find a way to bring these ingredients to the fast casual restaurant, that would be amazing,” says Pelt.


Burger King: The Slow-Cooker version of an authentic vegan burger source: Burger King/Instagram Burger King’s new menu is all about using only fresh ingredients.

That includes its fast-service version of the famous Big Mac, which has a vegan-friendly version of their iconic burger bun.

To make the bun vegan, they add fresh tomatoes, cheddar cheese and other ingredients to an ingredient-laden, low-fat, low calorie burger.

The new Big Mac comes in six different flavors, but they’re all vegan.

The menu also includes vegan sides like mac and cheese, a salad with vegan dressing, and a bowl of greens.

If that’s not vegan enough, they offer a bowl that comes with fresh vegetables and a vegan cheese-less bun.


Burger king: The Whole30-friendly option for a fast-paced, healthy meal source: burger king/Inst Instagram The burger king is one of the most iconic fast food chains in the world, and its menu has become increasingly veg-friendly over the past couple of years.

This includes the Burger King Whole30 option, which allows vegans to enjoy their food without any meat or dairy ingredients.

To start, they get a bowl with a simple salad with dressing, a small serving of lettuce and a simple side of greens (such as broccoli or cauliflower).

Then they add meat-free, low fat, and low calorie items like macaroni and cheese and fries.

The burger is topped with an apple or two, and is served with a side salad of homemade vegan dressing and a salad of veggies.

This burger is also vegan, but is served as a “meat-free” option, and will be available at other locations later this year.

Burger kings new menu will include “vegan-friendly” items like lettuce and vegan cheese, and other meat-based options such as the burger buns, but for now, this burger is only available in the “meat free” version.


Starbucks: The vegan version of brunch source: Starbucks/Inst Twitter Starbucks is a favorite for vegans because they offer fast-serve vegan options for all their beverages.

That means that if you order a coffee and a cup of joe, you get two cups of coffee.

The coffee and joe are prepared in a way that they don’t contain dairy, and are therefore not full of fat.

So while it’s possible to enjoy vegan coffee without getting full of oil and saturated fats,