The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it is “reviewing” the safety of dairy products marketed as a diet supplement.

The agency, known as the Food and Drugs Administration, announced Tuesday that it will take into account safety data from the National Dairy Council, the nation’s largest dairy producers.

The FDA says that the company that produces the protein in the supplements is the same company that makes the products.

“The FDA is reviewing the safety data and any additional information provided to the agency as a result of the review,” the FDA said in a statement.

The company that manufactures the milk protein in its products, Vegell, said it “does not have any information regarding potential safety concerns regarding dairy products sold by our products.”

In the past, the FDA has required companies to put out “information that clearly identifies the ingredients used in the products” before making a decision on whether a product is safe.

The move comes after a number of food safety scandals over the past several years, including the death of an 11-month-old baby in India, and a recall of two children’s versions of a popular cereal for eating milk.

The infant died after his mother took a sip of the cereal, which contains a blend of lactose, milk sugar, and corn syrup.

Vegeld said it will review the data to make sure the information is accurate.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other experts have called on the FDA to review milk products, as well as other dairy products.

They also said the FDA should do more to ensure that dairy products and other dairy-based products are not used as an ingredient in drugs and other treatments.