When you think of big business, the biggest name in the list is probably Coca-Cola, which has a whopping $1.6 trillion market cap.

But you don’t need to go to the top of the world to find a bigger name in dairy farming, with more than a dozen companies on the list.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest players.


Smith Dairy Products CompanyThe maker of the Dairy-Free Milk drink and other products has a market cap of $1,078 billion.

The company has operations in nine countries and employs nearly 4,000 people.

Smith makes its products in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and South Africa.

The largest bottler of milk is Smith’s Whisky of Canada, which sells for $13.90 a bottle, according to a Bloomberg report.

Smith’s is the second-largest U.S. dairy producer behind Dairy Farmers of America.


Ozark Valley Dairy ProductsCompanyWith a market value of $871 billion, Ozark Farms is one of the largest U. S. dairy operations.

The dairy company is based in Elkins, Kansas and operates in five states, including the Dakotas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Montana.

The top seller is the premium goat milk, which is sold in three-liter bottles for about $14.

Ozarks’ largest market is California, where it makes its milk for $9.40 a bottle.

The bottom seller is Wisconsin, where its milk is sold for $8.80 a bottle and the top seller for Wisconsin is Illinois, where the price is $7.80.

The Wisconsin dairy industry employs nearly 2,500 people.


Aiken Dairy Co.

The second-biggest U..

S.-based dairy company, Aiken, makes its dairy products in six states and employs almost 2,000 workers.

The plant in Aiken is located in St. Joseph, Missouri, about two hours east of St. Louis.

The second-most expensive dairy product is the cheese, which costs about $9 a pound.

Aken’s top sellers are cheese products in New York and Illinois.


Dairy Producers InternationalThe second largest U to global dairy company in terms of market value, Dairy Pro- is based out of Ireland and has operations all over the world.

Dairy Products International has about 7,000 employees in seven countries and is one the largest producers of milk in the U.K. 5.

New York MilkProducers CompanyA New York dairy company with a market capitalization of $2.9 billion, the New York City-based New York Dairy Pro is based at the former Union Square building in New City, New York.

The New York company makes its own cheese and other dairy products.

It’s one of three U.N.-approved producers in the country.

The only dairy in the top five is the New Zealand milk produced by The Cowes, which the company calls its “top-selling dairy product.”

The company is also the largest supplier of dairy products to Europe, and exports to China, Australia and India.


J&P DairyCompanyThe third largest U U. to global company, J&P, is based on the New Jersey shoreline.

The small dairy company has its operations in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

It has about 5,000 dairy employees in eight states.


J.C. Penney CompanyThe fourth largest U-to-global dairy company and the owner of the Macy’s department store chain, J. C. Penneys has an operating profit of $5.9 trillion and is based almost exclusively in New England.

The Penneys stores are popular among shoppers because of their low prices.

It is the largest producer of dairy in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and the largest in New Hampshire.


The Big Three Dairy CompaniesThe top five U.s-based dairy companies are based in North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

They produce about 4,500 million gallons of milk per day.

They’re the largest importers of dairy milk in America and are the third-largest in the nation.